Niagara Commemorates World Day of Social Justice

By: Kathy Bolano, Communications Intern

Today at Niagara Foundation, we celebrate World Day of Social Justice. The United Nations General Assembly named February 20th World Day of Social Justice in 2007, and started celebrating it in 2009. In their efforts to eradicate poverty internationally, promote full employment and decent work, gender equality, and give access to social support for social well-being and justice for everyone they invite Member States to devote this day to serving UN’s general mission and promoting equality and human rights throughout the world.

According to the statement issued by the President of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York on World Day of Social Justice in 2014, they have made major strides in making the world more secure, just and sustainable. With accomplishments like giving access to improved drinking water to 2.1 billion people, reducing the proportion of undernourished people in developing regions from 23.2% in1990-1992 to 14.9% in 2010-2012, and reducing the number of people living in extreme poverty, it is clear that major strides have been made in regards to social justice. However, the General Assembly still believes that there is a long way to go. Their commitment is rooted deeply in the belief that, as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described, “Circumstances such as where a person is born, where they live or their gender and ethnicity should never determine their income or their opportunities for quality education, basic healthcare, decent work, adequate shelter, access to drinking water, political participation or living free from threatened, or actual, physical violence.” In other words, promoting global equity is a constant but worthwhile battle in the pursuit of universal human rights.

Niagara Foundation would like to encourage everyone to find a way to participate in World Day of Social Justice and try to promote equity and justice on a regional, national and international level. Anyone can make a difference, and when we work together we can make a big impact on the world.

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