Niagara Foundation strives to promote social cohesion by fostering civic conversations and sustained relationships between people of different cultures and faiths.

Niagara carries out its mission through:

Hospitality: Conversations and networking flourish in Niagara’s welcoming, apolitical space. Our programs, like The Abrahamic Traditions Dinner and Niagara Forums, prove how warmth and hospitality are fertile ground for growing dynamic conversations and relationships.

Enrichment: Niagara turns educational opportunities, like Niagara Forums and Turkey trips, into meaningful, lasting growth. Our events unite people from different perspectives to cultivate new ideas and partnerships. Niagara designed a reputable internship program focused on developing skills needed to compete in a global job market. Similarly, Niagara provides outreach and support to students who are promoting diversity at their universities.

Leadership: Niagara has accumulated a distinguished network of local and global leaders, who are a testament to the growing need for diverse, international perspectives. Niagara recognizes these leaders at annual events like the Peace and Dialogue Awards Ceremony, which celebrates the commitment to developing a more just society. We believe citizens who share this value are outstanding leaders in their respective communities and are part of the solution for a more peaceful world.