Niagara Foundation Trips offer the opportunity to participate in a unique cultural immersion program.

Participants travel to one of our various program locations, where they build friendships and establish partnerships based on dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect. This is cultivated through a series of intimate home visits, unique planned opportunities for professional networking, and extensive guided historical and cultural exploration.

Introducing Niagara Foundation’s new series, The Niagara Route: Asia-Pacific, featuring Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. All trips will include Bangkok, Thailand as a destination with a total of 2 destinations.


Through the effects of the 40+ trips Niagara Foundation has led in the past, it is evident that intercultural and interfaith trips lead to strong friendship bonds that transcend racial, religious and ethnic boundaries. We foresee that our new trip destinations beyond Turkey will contribute to the growing needs of our global world.

The cost for the entire trip will be $2,000 per person exclusive of airfare. Single rooms require a supplement of $500 per person. This fee includes all ground transportation, airfare from Thailand to our second destination, accommodations, full-board (full breakfast and dinner), all entrance fees and other miscellaneous costs.

The upcoming trip dates are as follows:

Thailand & Vietnam    January 20, 2018  –  January 31, 2018

Thailand & Philippines March 1, 2018     – March 11, 2018

Thailand & Cambodia   March 15, 2018    –  March 25, 2018

Thailand & Vietnam    April 12, 2018    –  April 23, 2018


If you are interested in joining us for an unforgettable visit to the land of the first civilizations, please let us know as soon as possible since from past experience, our international trips tend to book rather quickly. If you have family, friends, and/or acquaintances who might like to join us, please let us know, so we can share this information with them. Below, you will also find a Reservation Form to indicate your level of interest in the specific trip date you will be asked to mark. Returning the form along with the $150 fully refundable reservation deposit (for each trip you mark), does not oblige you to anything but gives us an idea of your level of interest. Later, we will be in touch with you to provide further information about the specific trip itinerary and flight recommendations. Please respond no later than December 31, 2018. 

Prior to our departure, we will offer a mandatory orientation session for those in the Greater Chicagoland area.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Niagara Foundation’s Associate Director, Rana Yurtsever via email at [email protected].