On May 12, Niagara Foundation invites you to take part in a unique Chicago event: On the Table 2014.  The Chicago Community Trust is marking its 99th birthday with a community wide conversation about Chicago’s collective future. We invite you to join thousands of others to gather around a meal to generate new ideas, spark partnerships and shape a public agenda to build and sustain strong, safe and dynamic communities.

Niagara Foundation and the Chicago Community Trust Recognize the same truth: that together, people have the power to bring about powerful and transformative change. This is our opportunity, as friends and members of Niagara Foundation, to show that matters of faith, questions of spirituality, and conversations on religious identity are essential in building healthy communities.

When we heard about On the Table 2014 we immediately knew how to support it.  Abraham’s Tent dinners are already bringing people together over dinner. So let’s channel this already existing energy into one evening, and join forces with the Chicago Community Trust in creating conversations all across the city. We want the city to ring with ideas, innovations and solutions.

We want to hear stories of hope, of loss, of joy, and of new life. We want to hear what makes the Chicago community truly unique. By hosting an event you are directly affecting the future of the city we know and love.

How Can I Get Involved?

  1. Visit Chicago Community Trust site and Register your table event (this could be dinner, dessert, or even coffee between you and 3-10 guests)
  2. Enter Niagara Tent as the host organization on the form (this helps us keep track of your participation)
  3. Decide what style you’d like to host your event. You can follow the “Abraham’s Tent” model or Chicago Community Trust’s “On the Table” model.  See the “resources” to help guide you in whatever planning process you’d like to follow.
  4. Invite your guests. Reach out to friends or strangers. If you’d like to host people of different religious traditions, let us know! Both the Chicago Community Trust and the Niagara Foundation can help you make the right connections.
Host an Event


  1. Niagara Foundation’s Abraham’s Tent Host Guidebook
  2. Chicago Community Trust’s On the Table 2014 Host Toolkit

For more information: [email protected]