Interview with RealClearReligion’s Nicholas Hahn III

By: Kathy Bolano, Communications Intern

Nicholas G. Hahn III will be joining us for a roundtable discussion about millennials and the church from the Catholic perspective on Tuesday, February 24th from 11:30 am- 1 PM in our office at 205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 4240.

Mr. Hahn is a graduate from DePaul University. The intersection of politics and religion always interested him, and after an advisor had encouraged him to delve into the topics more, Hahn graduated with a double major in Political Science and Catholic Studies. From there, he worked in Donald Rumsfeld’s office in Washington D.C. After that, he moved back to Chicago to join, a comprehensive news source dealing specifically with religion, after meeting a fellow reporter who interviewed Mr. Rumsfeld.

While reflecting on his Political Science and Catholic Studies background, Hahn noted that he always knew the subjects would be relevant, but never realized how he would fall into his job at RealClearReligion. Though he had no formal journalism training, he was always a good writer and political speech writer. Accordingly, today Hahn is a journalist and editor for RealClearReligion.

On the subject of millennials, Hahn noted that mainstream media often misrepresents religion. Consequently, many millennials feel conflicted about religion. To counteract this potential for misinformation, Hahn uses RealClearReligion as a platform by which he can report about religion accurately and without mainstream media’s bias.

The Niagara Foundation would like to welcome Mr. Hahn and we are greatly looking forward to hearing more about millennials and the Catholic church. Register today!


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