Dialog & Friendship Dinner 2009

Niagara Foundation-Michigan (NF) hosted its 7th Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinner in Eagle Eye Golf Club on September 17, 2009, in East Lansing, MI. More than 150 distinguished guests attended the event. After the dinner several speakers, including

Justice Stephen Markman,

Senator Gretchen Whitmer, and

Emeritus Prof. Donald Williams

shared their thoughts on the theme of the event, “Dialog in a Globalizing World”. The event also featured the presentation of 2009 Peace and Dialog Award to Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

The event highlighted the importance of dialogue in  a globalizing world. In his opening remarks, NF Executive Director Yasir Bilgin greeted and thanked the guests for their contribution to diversity and dialogue. Mr. Bilgin said: “We, as Niagara Foundation are trying to establish strong ties, understanding and dialog between community members, followers of different faith and cultural traditions to fight against our common enemies of ignorance, poverty and disunity and to find a common ground around universal values.”

The attendees had also the opportunity to enjoy live music performed by two musicians from Ann Arbor, who played Ney, an end-blown reed flute, along with a live performance of one of the most unique and beautiful form of Turkish art called Ebru, or  water marbling. Ebru is formed by drawing designs with dye on top of water, and then carefully placing paper on the surface of the water in order to absorb the dye.

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