What is all the fuss about? Our 2014 Awardees, that’s what!

On December 4th, Niagara welcomes you to celebrate our 10th Anniversary…but the night will be so much more!

Ten years serving Chicago and other states throughout the Midwest is no minor achievement, but the night is going to be oh-so-special for 3 additional reasons: 

We have THREE stellar Peace and Dialogue Awardees for 2014. 


1. University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Booth Logo

Received by
Sunil Kumar
Dean, Booth School of Business

According to the Economist Magazine, the Chicago Booth Business School is the  #1 business school in the world. Booth’s team consists of 177 professors..the likes of Nobel Laureates Gary Becker and Eugene Fama and their visionary studies have impacted millions around the world. Earlier this month, for example, two new studies examined how and when renewable energy support programs actually work. Booth students, alumni, and faculty are also known for their social and nonprofit engagement. With programs like the Civic Leadership Academy, the Chicago Urban League, and the Community Program’s Accelerator. Booth uses their global vision, to have a real, local impact.


2. Chicago Innovation Awards

CIA Logo

Received by
Tom Kuczmarski
Founder & Co-Chair

The Chicago Innovation Awards shine a bright light on the creative spirit of Chicago…so we at Niagara believe it’s important that their contributions also be recognized! These Awards offer a platform for exposure, competition, and creativity throughout the Chicago community. Each year the Chicago Innovation Awards recognize those from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who aim to challenge the status quo, establishing our city as a recognized innovation hub and strengthening its economic future and innovative spirit. Niagara looks forward to celebrating, educating, and connecting right alongside this stellar organization.


3. Greater Chicago Food Depository


Received by
Kate Maehr
Executive Director & CEO

A Gold Star charity, the Greater Chicago Food Depository helps feed nearly 800,000 people in Cook County. So much more than their rather effective food collection containers we see everywhere, GCFD is actually a complete food distribution and training center. Providing meals and hope for those hampered by hunger, the Depository works year-round when many of us go “off-duty” after the holidays. Consisting of workers and volunteers from all backgrounds coming together to provide food for children, families, and seniors in the Chicago area, the Depository can be viewed as a backbone of our city. Last year alone, the Food Depository distributed the equivalent of 154,000 meals every day. Niagara echoes the belief that #No1ShouldGoHungry.

See you there Chicago! 

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