Congratulations to Syrian American Medical Society & American Muslim Health Professionals!

Niagara Foundation was thrilled to learn that our close friend and President of Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), Zaher Sahloul, will be awarded the Humanitarian Service Award by American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP)! AMHP will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary this Saturday, November 15th, and presenting SAMS with this award, acknowledging and celebrating their achievements!

We had the opportunity to speak with Arshia Wajid, founder and president of AMHP, this afternoon to learn more about the organization’s history, mission, and upcoming celebration.

Ms. Wajid reminisced that ten years ago there was a demonstrable need for a national organization to meet the needs of Muslim health professionals. The AMHP’s two-phased approach began with connecting Muslim health professionals working in diverse sectors and focusing on their professional development and networking. The second phase focused on the leveraging those diverse skill sets and expertise to better serve the community. Since its inception, AMHP has taken on three major causes: career development, advocacy, and health promotion.

From connecting Muslims to health care coverage, to training community leaders on how to be effective “first responders” for mental health crisis, it is clear that AMHP is doing important work and values the partnerships they have developed over the years.

Ms. Wajid asserted that SAMS is an organization worthy of such an award because they are a nonpartisan group offering care and assistance to those who desperately need it. No matter what side you are one, she added, SAMS is building awareness around these important issues.

In regards to their 10th Anniversary, building awareness about AMHP is a top priority, articulating her hope that people will learn more about their mission and its inclusivity. Ms. Wajid added, “we are not only for health professionals…health impacts everybody. We all know someone who’s suffered from mental illness, disability, or needed access to health insurance.”

Niagara Foundation intends to be there to support our friends at SAMS and AMHP this Saturday…we hope you will join us!

Buy your tickets today! Pre-registration closes tomorrow at 10 am CHT.

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