Managing City Government in Difficult Economic Times


The event is co-organized by the Niagara Foundation and the Civic Leadership Program at the University of Illinois.

Event: “Managing City Government in Difficult Economic Times”
Lunch and panel discussion with local mayors (Mayor Gerard and Mayor Prussing)

12:00-12:10 pm Welcome Reception (Illini Union, Room 210 (General Lounge))

12:15-12:45 pm Lunch (Illini Union, Room 210 (General Lounge))

12:50-1:20 pm Presentation by the speaker (Illini Union, Room 209)

This luncheon will feature a panel discussion on city management during recession.

The panelists are Mayor Don Gerard of Champaign and Mayor Laurel Prussing of Urbana.

If you would like to participate, please RSVP by e-mailing by Friday 5 pm, December 2, 2011.`

There is no fee for attending the lunch; however space is limited to 40 people. The lecture is open to everyone.

Monday, Dec 5 2011
11:30am- 1:00pm

205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 4240
Chicago, IL, US, 60601

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