Study TÜRKİYE Program '12

About Study TÜRKİYE

The Study Turkiye Program is a curriculum development workshop for university and community college faculty. The program consists of three components: an annual full-day workshop in February, a 9 day trip to Turkey in June, and follow-up presentations in November of the same year. The February workshop is open to all who are interested and will provide more information about the application process for the Turkey trip. The combination of workshop learning, international travel, and follow-up presentations arms faculty with the tools to develop an engaging curriculum that deals with Turkey-related issues, such as Turkey’s political position in European and global contexts, women’s issues, Islam and religion in Turkey, economic affairs, arts, and architecture..

Program Details

The Study Turkiye Program consists of 3 parts.
• Pre-trip: One Day Workshop in February
• 9-day trip to Turkey in June
• Post-trip: Participant Presentations in November

The program is designed to give faculty members the opportunity to learn about Turkish culture, as well as its geopolitical importance in the world today. Faculty members will also use their experience to develop courses that will enable students to gain a better understanding of Turkiye. Additional information about the intercultural trip to Turkey and the application process will be provided at the workshop.

Although faculty are the primary audience for this program, everyone interested in Turkiye is invited to attend.

Niagara Foundation
205 N Michigan Ave.
Suite 2540
Chicago, IL, 60601

Date: Friday- Feb 24, 2012
: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Workshop Admission: $40.00 Includes Lunch

For more information, contact Aysenur Coban, Director of the Center for Academic Affairs ([email protected])

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