Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions 2012 : “PERSPECTIVES ON ABRAHAMIC TRADITIONS: Dialogue”


Theme: Perspectives on Abrahamic Traditions: Dialogue

Niagara Foundation of Nebraska organized Annual Abrahamic Tradition Gathering on March 29, 2012 in collaboration with Westminster Westminster Presbyterian Church, Saint Paul Methodist Church, ARYA(Afgan Renascent youth Assocation), Inter churches Ministry of Lincoln and Congregation B’nai Jeshurun South Street Tample. Event was held at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Program started with Adhan performed by Ismail Ozcan and continued by Shofar-Blowing by Rabbi Craig Lewis then followed with Universal Prayer by Rev. Robert Snell. Then People were invited the dinner provided by Niagara Foundation of Nebraska.Dinner were followed by speakers as Rabbi Lewis and as Keynote Fr. Thomas Michel. Rabbi Lewis has reminded to the people that: whatever different among us, actually unite us.Fr. Thomas Michel has given speech about Legacy of Abraham during to event and emphasized on Prophet Abraham’s three different characteristics as follow his strong faith in God, Trust in God and his Generosity which are should be followed by the people of Abrahamic Faiths. At the end Rev. Stephen Griffith from Saint Paul Methodist Church made a Closing Benediction.

As a first, the event had good number of people around 200. . After the event, the organization committee has acknowledged that: this event was necessary and must be followed with other supportive activities to establish strong interfaith group in Lincoln to prevent possible conflict between different faith based organizations which do not know about others and build up peaceful, respectful community.

March 29th, 2012
6:00 p.m.

Westminster Presbyterian Church
2110 Sheridan Blvd.
Lincoln, NE 68502

Adhan performed by Ismail Ozcan
Shofar-Blowing by Rabbi Craig Lewis
Rev. Robert Snell
Rev. Stephen Griffith

Fr. Thomas Michel

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