Weekly Links

Does that view up there look familiar?

First, check out the interfaith tour guys’ video of Chicago, which has some familiar faces!


Then read/watch these:


When an interfaith panel denounces your portrayal of a religious group, shouldn’t you pay attention? We’re inclined to think so…

What awesome young ladies! We can all agree on hummus.

Brendan, our Cultural Exchange and Interfaith Director, found this great story on interfaith love, jealousy and finding god.

Prepare to be amazed by these Syrian women cooking in Beirut who understand the power of hospitality to bring people together, “she remembers when Iraqis came to Syria to escape the war back in 2003. She cooked for them, and even temporarily hosted a few in her home. She never thought she’d be in their position 10 years later.”

Closer to home, the biggest news these past few days is a new high school named after our Chicagoan president.

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