Weekly Links #2

Here’s what we’ve been reading this week: 

You think you’re cold? Jimmy Fallon and Mayor Emanuel took the Polar Plunge for the Chicago Special Olympics.

That forum we were trying to arrange on the situation in Ukraine? It’s happening! Sign up here to hear Andriy Pravednyk, Consul General of Ukraine, Julian Hyda, President of the Euromaidan Journalist Collective, and Alexander Strilchuk of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America speak at a Niagara Forum on March 27th. In anticipation, take a look at George Friedman’s excerpt from his 2009 book, The Next 100 Years, about Russia’s expansion.

An interesting article on Turkey’s Young Female Entrepreneurs – moving home from Europe because of better conditions for women business owners in Turkey.

Next week is our forum on the Media and Ethics at the Gleacher center. Here’s an interesting perspective on the subject – We are all journalists – from Milwaukee Public Radio.

Also next week is our forum on Women in the Workplace for Women’s History month. Perfect timing for an article against Sheryl Sandberg’s admonishing women to lean in to their jobs to get ahead in the workplace. What should women do instead? Rosa brooks wants us to Recline.

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