Turkish American Society of Chicago presents Taste of Turkey!

On May 10, the Turkish American Society of Chicago will host “Taste of Turkey” at the Turquoise Cultural Center. This exciting event will quite literally bring a taste of Turkey to Chicago, with opportunities for participants to create art, cook, eat, dance and learn about various other aspects of Turkish culture. The program features an ebru (water marbling) art workshop, a virtual tour of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Turkish folk dancing, a Turkish tea making presentation, a Turkish family dinner and much more.

The event will be a welcome taste of home for those from Turkey, a wonderful revisiting of Turkish culture for those who have traveled to Turkey, and an exciting exploration of Turkey for those who have never visited.

We hope all of our past Turkey Trip participants will relive their intercultural experience at Taste of Turkey, and encourage all friends of Niagara to discover Turkish culture at the event. To register, click here. Hope to see you there!


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