Happy Earth Day!

By Kathy Bolano, Communications Intern

Today, Earth Day, is a day for action, showing support and protection for the environment. It was originally founded in 1970 and expanded onto the international stage in 1990.

This year marks Earth Day’s 45th anniversary and the Earth Day Network has big plans for the year. With the slogan “It’s our turn to lead,” the big initiative for this year is the push for legislative change wherein world leaders will pass an international treaty on climate change mitigation. They are pushing for more useage and development of renewable energy solutions and for everyone to be mindful of the issues that affect Earth’s sustainability.

There are many different things you can do that can make impact on multiple levels. Some of the simple things that you can do include reducing energy consumption, adjusting the thermostat on your water heater and recycling. On a larger scale, you can show support for the Shaheen-Portman Bill, create art to raise awareness or support environmental education.

The Niagara Foundation fully supports these initiatives and will be holding a Friends in Faith roundtable discussion with Rabbi Robin Damsky on April 27th on the subject of Earth Day and Religion.

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