Stand in Solidarity with Women on National Wear Red Day

By: Kathy Bolano, Communications Intern

Run by the American Heart Association and sponsored by Macy’s, National Wear Red Day is  on the first Friday of February every year since its founding in 2004, and is a nationwide movement to raise awareness of women’s number one killer: heart disease. With one in three women dying of heart disease and strokes each year it is time to take a stand and raise awareness and stop this disease that kills more women than all forms of cancers combined, killing approximately one woman per minute.

Heart disease does not discriminate based on age, culture, faith or location. So on February 6, 2015 wear anything red in your closet, donate to the cause, make some lifestyle changes to lower your risk for heart disease and stand for healthy women everywhere.

For more information about heart disease, prevention, and risk factors visit

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