Happy Thanksgiving from Niagara Foundation!

Each year, Thanksgiving lends us an opportunity to slow down and welcome each other into our homes and be grateful for what we have. While it is easy and relaxing to sit around the table with friends and family and share what you are thankful for, it might be more rewarding to really focus on one thing this year that you truly are grateful for. Practicing mindfulness can bring a strong sense of calm and gratitude into our lives, and Thanksgiving is a day to engage in this and remind ourselves to appreciate what we have. We all lead our own unique and busy lifestyles, and it is easy to take some of the daily conveniences or routines for granted. So, this Thanksgiving, be mindful and really consider something in your life that makes you happy and how it brings joy or peace into your day, and share that with your friends, or family, or whoever else is sitting at the holiday table.

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