Dr. David Faris Will Join Niagara’s State of the Middle East Forum!

By: Kathleen Ferraro, Niagara Intern and Student at Northwestern University

We’re pleased to welcome Roosevelt University’s Department of Political Science chair, Dr. David Faris, to our State of the Middle East Forum.

Dr. Faris marks the escalation of ISIS as a situation not unlike the rise of the Taliban. In the midst of countries fraught with violence over which the central government has no concrete authority, power vacuums like ISIS are able to attract individuals with their promise of some semblance of order. Though this conflict has existed for years, it only recently attracted international attention because it was, as Faris states, no longer “Assad versus opposition.” Now, ISIS threatens the Gulf countries and beyond. In terms of Faris’s research, which focuses on media in the Middle East, ISIS has served as a sort of rebranding of al Qaeda and Iraq under a quippy acronym–a media tactic which has been critical in attracting attention to the organization. And as attention continues to build, United States media coverage has latched on to ISIS as the “enemy of the month,” painting the conflict as a new issue despite its lengthy development.

With this idea in mind, Dr. Faris looks forward to speaking at the forum, contextualizing a long-standing conflict and collaborating with other experts to generate public insight. Come and join us on this great event. You can register the event here!

This event is complimentary for students and Niagara Blue Dot Network members!  Not a member? Become one here!

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