Qasim Rashid – January 16th at 11:30am

In a couple weeks, Qasim Rashid will be speaking at Niagara about his book, The Wrong Kind of Muslim. It’s amazing how much Rashid has accomplished for only being in his early thirties, not only did he crowd-fund this book on Kickstarter, he is also a prolific writer of blog posts, op-eds, and articles, yet he also manages to have a law practice on the side. The video below is a link to him discussing The Wrong Kind of Muslim on Fox News. Also below, is a part of the foreword to the book, which I thought exemplified exactly why we invited him to speak at the Niagara Forum. We’d love to see you there on January 16th. You may register here. 

– Eleanor Peck, Director of Communications and Member Relations

“Qasim is a bigot’s worse nightmare. He is a Muslim. But he is not shy to call-out the bigotry of those Muslim countries that prevent non-Muslims from freely practicing and preaching their faith. He is an American, but never hesitant to denounce prejudice against Islam and Muslims in the U.S. He forcefully defends the character of Muhammad against bigoted accusations, but is equally quick to defend Jesus and Krishna. He is the only American I know who wears an “I love Muhammad” cap on his head and carries an “I love Jesus” key chain in his hand.

Qasim is a relentless crusader for peace and The Wrong Kind Of Muslim is his coming out party. He is only thirty, but has already become a recognized voice in national media on religion and politics. In an era of ‘partisan politics’ when most of us are driven by self-interest and narrow agendas, Qasim stands out by going against the grain. He strives—or as Qasim would correct me if he could—Jihads for all of us, for humanity, and for justice… The Wrong Kind Of Muslim is a story of our times. My prayer is that one day this book is read only as an account of history, rather than a description of present day reality.”

– Dr. Atif Mian
Professor of Economics and Public Policy
Princeton University
May 28, 2013

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