Intercultural trip to Turkiye 2014 – Nebraska


Dear Sir/Madam,This letter includes terms and conditions of the Intercultural Trip to Turkiye (Turkey) for 2013, offered by the Niagara Foundation of Nebraska (NFON).

The Intercultural Dialog Trip 2013 invites leading city officials, academicians, and faith community leaders living within the Omaha and Lincoln area. The potential activities on the trip will include visiting intercultural dialogue, education, health, and humanitarian aid institutions, historical locations, as well as meeting faith leaders in Turkiye.

I would like to participate in the Niagara Foundation(NF)’s Intercultural Trip to Turkiye. I accept the terms and conditions stated above and understand the information relating to travel  arrangements. I will fully cooperate with travel organizers for the realization of a smooth and enriching program.  I acknowledge that the scheduled trip has been prepared with goodwill and the best  possible accuracy.

I do accept to purchase my own round-trip flight and pay the participation fee of $600 to the NF for the relevant trip. Media Release:  I give permission to the NF to use any pictures or video material that I may have participated in  on the Intercultural Trip to Turkiye for use on the NF’s website or in their publications,  catalogs, brochures and media items. Health Release:  I hereby acknowledge that I am responsible for all personal health concerns and emergencies  while in Turkiye and while taking part in the NF’s intercultural Trip to Turkiye.


1- Registration is not guaranteeing to travel this summer need to be confirmed bu Niagara Foundation by email.

2- NFON has right to ask to the participants to join other group in case of lack of registration less than 6 in same terms.

3- Participant are responsible for their round trip tickets to Istanbul and $600 participation fee (after confirmation must be paid a month in advance than the trip date)

4-The fees must be check and payable Niagara Foundation.

5- NFON has right to use the pictures and videos of trips for NF’s website or in their publications,  catalogs, brochures and media items.

6- The participants should be in Istanbul on the first day of the trip which is next day of the first day of each terms.

(For example: May  19 – May 29, 2014 group should be in Istanbul May 2oth. Since we loose one day on the flight.

7: Each group will have orientation meeting a couple weeks before the trips.

8: NFON is not responsible for ticketing.

9: NFON is responsible for all expenses for food, transportation and accommodations, site and museum visits, but personal shopping  etc.

For this (2014)  year our schedule as follows:

May  19 – 29
June 9 – 19
July 11 – 21
August 1 – 11
September 5 – 15


by March 1, 2014

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