August 20, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Niagara is coming out of a busy summer season.  Below are some stories highlighting a few of the recent events organized by Niagara’s Center for Cultural Exchange and Interfaith Collaboration.

Gülen Making Headlines

Our Honorary President has come into the spolight in the past week after being awarded the prestigious Manhae Peace Prize. Read about his insights in a recent interview with The Atlantic.> Read more.

Friends in Faith:

Branching Out to Buddhism

By Sanya Mansoor

Local Buddhist leaders visit the Niagara office for Turkish tea and informal conversation > Read more.

Archdiocese Iftar:

On Sharing Thoughts, Baklava and Faith

By Sanya Mansoor

The Archdiocese Iftar brought together 15 Roman Catholic guests with Muslim and non-Muslim Niagara staff and friends for an intimate and conversation-filled evening > Read more.

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