April 9, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The latest news, updates and events from the Niagara Foundation headquarters in Chicago. We encourage you to join our effort to connect the global community by sharing this e-mail with your friends and colleagues!

“Here is this huge human rights injustice here in Chicago, and few people have the lens to identify it.” CAASE Executive Director Rachel Durchslag talked about the state of human trafficking with Niagara’s communications director. > Read more here.

Tea with diplomats:

Niagara Intern Brendan Dowd shared his impressions of the first Chicago Global Family meeting > Read more here.

Heard at Niagara Forum:

I found Niagara’s vision quite empowering, and it mirrors the vision of Chicago’s Federal Reserve”

– Valerie Van Meter, Federal Reserve of         Chicago Senior Vice President, speaking at a Niagara Forum on March 21.

Upcoming Events:

Summer Internships

We are looking for polished, global-minded students for openings in social media, reporting and HR.

(Read more & Apply Here)

Exciting Announcement Ahead!

Keep an eye out for an e-mail from Niagara in the next few weeks. We’ll be introducing our new membership program, the Blue Dot Initiative.


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Promoting global fellowship.

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