Serkan Aykan Honored By The State House of Ohio

The Niagara Foundation organized a trip to Turkey with Ohio Representatives and public officials from December 9-18. The following people went on the tripled by the president of Ohio’s chapter of the Niagara Foundation, Serkan Aykan:State Representatives Cliff Rosenberger (86th District), Peter Beck (67th District), and Bob Peterson (85th District); Highland County Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer; Clinton County Economic and Business Development Director Bret Dixon; Sezer Corporation President Ilhami Sezer; Department of Agriculture Markets Division Chief Janelle Mead; and Global Agriculture Program Manager Tim Sword.

The primary purpose of the trip was to strengthen social and business ties between Turkey and Ohio, and to open the door for collaboration opportunities.

During the trip, the group had the opportunity to visit Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Kayseri, and Antalya. They learned about Turkish culture, visited factories, and met officials from the Department of Agriculture and the textile, automotive, air-craft, and auxiliary equipment industries. They had productive meetings in Ankara with the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Agriculture. Careful consideration of these business opportunities led to the beginning of partnerships with Turkish companies.

In recognition of his efforts in organizing this trip, Mr. Aykan was honored with a specially-issued certificate from the Ohio House of Representatives, presented by Rep. Rosenberger. Since its inception, the Niagara Foundation has organized multiple trips to Turkey with various people from Ohio, including university professors, administrators and teachers from public and private schools, religious leaders, politicians, and business associates.

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