4th Annual Friendship & Dialogue Dinner in St. Louis

TASOM and Niagara Foundation Missouri Branch organized the 4th Annual Dialog Dinner on Oct. 7th in the Chase Park Plaza, St. Louis, MO.

The event attracted around 200 people from the greater St. Louis area. Among the guests were Congressman Russ Carnahan and St. Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley as well as a diverse group of guests from academia, press and several local communities.The event started with a welcoming talk and video on TASOM and Niagara Foundation which is a Chicago-based non-profit organization. The executive director of Niagara Foundation gave a talk about the mission and goals of Niagara Foundation and announced the opening of its Missouri branch. Niagara Foundation MO branch will be a sister organization of TASOM focusing on inter-faith/inter-cultural activities in greater St. Louis area.

After the dinner, the keynote speaker Prof. Jill Carroll from Houston, TX gave an inspiring speech on religious diversity and its challenges. The talk was followed by reflections from Prof. Anatole Mori who attended a trip organized by TASOM and Niagara Foundation to Turkey last summer. In the event, the distinguishing guests Russ Carnahan and Charlie A. Dooley were presented some gifts from Turkish hand-made arts and crafts. They expressed their gratitude to TASOM for organizingsuch wonderful events embracing people from diverse communities in St. Louis. The event ended with a live performance by the musician Eymen Gurtan from Richmond VA. Eymen performed with a traditional Turkish instrument called ney (reed flute).

As Niagara Foundation MO branch and TASOM we would like to thank everybody for attending the dinner and making it a great success.

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