The Writing of the Egyptian Constitution with Dr. David Faris


We are pleased to invite Dr. Faris, Professor of Political Science, Roosevelt University, will be speaking about the uprising in Egypt and the process of constitutional design currently happening in the country.

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RECAP blog interview

January 16, 2013

About Dr. David Faris

David Faris is currently teaching and researching at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago. In addition to his post in the Political Science & Public Administration department, he is the director of Roosevelt’s exciting, interdisciplinary International Studies Program. He earned my PhD in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 2010. His book, Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age: Social Media, Blogging and Activism in Egypt— is focused on the use of digital media by Egyptian opposition movements.

He spent a year and a half in Cairo, Egypt between 2006 and 2011 doing interviews with activists, journalists and students for that project. His academic work has been published in Middle East PolicyArab Media & Society and Politique Etrangèr, and he has published op-eds with, the Christian Science Monitor, the Daily News Egypt, the Philadelphia Citypaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer and more. He is currently at work on a book-length project on social media and public diplomacy in the Middle East, as well as collaborating with Babak Rahimi on an edited volume on social media in Iran, which is under contract with SUNY press.

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