Fethullah Gulen on Turkey’s Eroding Democracy

Earlier today, Fethullah Gulen contributed an op-ed piece to the New York Times addressing Turkey’s current political and cultural climate.

In the op-ed, Gulen notes the A.K.P ruling party’s authoritarian civil, media, judiciary and journalistic oversight–all of which are inhibiting progress in a typically inclusive, democratic nation.

In doing so, Turkish rulers have “alienated the West . . . [and are] losing credibility in the Middle East.” With crackdowns on independent media organizations and oppression at the hands of the A.K.P., Turkish rulers are not only violating democratic principles, but also disregarding Islamic values. In particular, the ruling party has cracked down on members of the Hizmet movement, further illustrating their intolerance as they target a segment of Turkish society aimed at promoting inclusiveness and peace.

Gulen concluded by emphasizing the importance of all members of Turkish society to unite in the name of universal human rights and freedom as the nation moves forward. To read the full article, click here.


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