Noah’s Pudding

The Story of Noah’s Pudding

According to one version of the anecdotal story, when Noah’s ark landed on a mountain, there was great joy. To celebrate the end of the flood and offer thanks to God, those on the Ark prepared a delicacy with what food was left on the Ark. Today we call the meal they prepared “Noah’s Pudding” or “Ashure” in Turkish.

A Day of Sharing an Reflection

This day is a symbol of sharing joy – the joy of the landing of the Noah’s Ark, and God’s bestowments to many other Messengers.

This unique desert, which contains contrasting flavors, is not only delicious but also a perfect symbol of a harmonious society. The heterogeneous nature of Noah’s pudding also resonates the cultural diversity of the United States.

Noah’s Pudding is a reminder that our guide is the belief in God and living together in harmony and peace. Our flood and disasters are many: Global terror, clash of civilizations, wars, oppressions, high crime rates, famine, epidemics, poverty, ecological dangers, etc. The ark to overcome these problems is to gather around the common values in search for solutions and consensus.

The Recipe

Ingredients: (makes 25 servings)

1 cup wheat, ½ cup white beans, ½ cup chick peas, ½ cup raisins, 1 cup almonds (cut in half), 12 dried apricot (diced), 5 dried figs (diced), 3-½ cups sugar, ½ cup rice, ½ cup milk, ¼ cup rosewater (optional), water (enough to cover).

Topping: walnuts, cinnamon


1. Soak wheat, white beans, chickpeas, and rice in water overnight.

2. Boil the raisins and apricots in water until they soften.

3. Boil the wheat until it softens. Then add the rice and keep boiling. When the wheat is soft enough, add white beans, chick peas, raisins, apricot, figs and almonds. Keep stirring and boiling.

4. Add the milk along with sugar. Boil for 10-15 minutes. Then add the rosewater and enjoy your pudding.

These are the ingredients we chose. Feel free to experiment with other grain, fruits and nuts. Pomegranate, sesame seeds, orange peels are also recommended.

To learn more about how to make this pudding, you can also watch the episode of Ebru TV’s program “Jennifer’s Kitchen”  on Youtube:

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