Black History Month 2010, Hon. Jesse White, Secretary of The State of Illinois


As a means of promoting global fellowship, Niagara Foundation strives to highlight the accomplishments and contributions of individuals from every ethnic background. In February of every year, Niagara Foundation celebrates Black History Month by inviting African-Americans that are active leaders in their community to speak.

Niagara Foundation convenes a reception in honor of Black History Month on Thursday February 24th 2010. The Keynote speaker is Jesse WHITE, Secretary of State of Illinois

The reception will feature exhibitions, speech, and furthermore.

February 24th, 2010
12:00 P.M. – 1:30 P.M

Niagara Foundation
205 N Michigan Suite 4240
Chicago, IL 60601

White was born in Alton, Illinois. He attended Alabama State University, where he played baseball and basketball, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1957. He served in the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army from 1957–1959. In May 1995, White was inducted into the Southwestern Athletic Conference Hall of Fame. He was an all-city baseball and basketball player at Chicago’s Waller High School (now Lincoln Park High School) and was inducted into the Chicago Public League Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in June 1995. In 1999, he was inducted into the Alabama State University Sports Hall of Fame.

In 1959, White founded the Jesse White Tumbling Team to serve as a positive alternative for children residing in the Chicago area. Since its inception, more than 10,700 young men and women have performed with the team.

White served as a paratrooper in the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division and as a member of the Illinois National Guard. He played minor league professional baseball with the Chicago Cubs organization, which was followed by a 33-year career with the Chicago Public Schools system as a teacher and administrator.

White became a political protégé of longtime Cook County Board President and 42nd Ward Democratic Committeeman George Dunne. White was elected to the Illinois General Assembly in 1974 and served for 16 years. He was elected Recorder of Deeds of Cook County, Illinois, in 1992 and re-elected in 1996. White was elected Secretary of State of Illinois in 1998, was re-elected in 2002, 2006, and 2010. In recent years he has also served as Democratic Committeeman of Chicago’s 27th Ward.

Source: Wikipedia

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