Abrahamic Panel 2010

Location: University of Wisconsin-Madison

When: 3 March 10, 5:30-7:30 PM

Niagara Foundation has organized “Peace in Abrahamic Religions Panel”. Edgewood College Religious Studies Professor James Goulding, Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman and one of the executive members of American Islam University, Professor Ali Yurtsever discussed Prophet Abraham’s nature of faith according to Judaistic, Christian and Islamic traditions.

The theme of the panel as written by Professor Goulding was as follows: “The three major Abrahamic religions are the religions of peace, justice, and equality.   In the scriptural accounts of the three Abrahamic religions Abraham illustrates in a profound manner the nature of faith.  Important aspects of this understanding of faith are promise, trust, obedience, risk, faithfulness and vision, all of which have important implications for Jews, Christians, and Muslims living in the 21st century. Many misconceptions about the religions and their followers arise from complete ignorance of the realities of each of these three faiths. Individuals uneducated about the faiths tend to associate negative things with the religions. Understanding the roots of peace in each of the three religions may bring about a greater religious understanding throughout communities by eliminating the ignorance that fuels the false impression. Stereotypes do exist and stemmed from ignorance. Peace stems from education and education eliminates ignorance. Therefore, there should be no hostility between the religions. A society should harmoniously exist and the three religions should complement each other to bring that about. All religions preach peace and a better society built on trust. If all followers respect that cause, society will be peaceful.”

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