Luncheon Series – Mayor Greg Ballard


Niagara Foundation pleased to announce a Niagara Luncheon Series with Mayor Greg Ballard.

Our honored guest was Mayor Greg Ballard :

Gregory A. Ballard was elected as the 48th Mayor of Indianapolis on November 6, 2007. Since his election, Mayor Greg Ballard has kept his promises to make public safety job one and be a faithful steward of the taxpayers’ money. The Ballard Administration has produced an overall drop in the crime rate and honestly balanced the city’s budget two years in a row. Mayor Ballard also reduced the local option income tax and assembled the team who won the right for Indianapolis to host Super Bowl 46 in 2012

Just prior to being elected Mayor, Greg was a self-employed leadership and management consultant, and the author of The Ballard Rules: Small Unit Leadership. He conducted seminars and modular training based on the book, and taught college-level economics, marketing, and management courses at Indiana Business College. Previously, he worked for several years as North American Operations Manager for Bayer in Indianapolis.

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