Fethullah Gulen’s Statement Condemning Terrorist Attacks in Nairobi

September 25, 2013 –  The Niagara Foundation joins with our Honorary President, Fethullah Gulen, Turkish Muslim scholar, poet, as well as humanitarian and educational activist, in condemning the terrorist attack in Nairobi as well as the attack in Pakistan this week. We mourn the loss of life and deplore senseless violence perpetrated in the name of religion.

I am heartbroken by the senseless terrorist attack in Kenya and the loss of lives and horrific injuries to so many innocent people. In the eyes of God, every life is sacred and every person has dignity. The taking of a single human life is an attack on all humankind.

I deplore these revolting acts of terrorism, which serve no purpose but to bring about destruction, sorrow and grief. I reiterate my condemnation of all forms of terror regardless of its perpetrators and their stated purposes. The criminals must be brought to justice even though that will do little to mitigate the cruelty inflicted on victims and their families.

I extend my heartfelt prayers to the injured, the families of the deceased and all of the people of Kenya. I ask God the Merciful to guide us all expediently into a world of mutual respect and peace.

Fethullah Gulen via Alliance for Shared Values

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