Cook & Share with Superintendent Cheryl Kreger

In our second “Cook & Share” event on Jan. 12, 2010, Okemos Public Schools Superintendent Cheryl Kreger honored us by sharing her thoughts on the importance of diversity in K-12 education. She also shared a special recipe of hers with the guests. Niagara Foundation volunteers also showed the recipes of three delicious dishes. At the end, the guests enjoyed what has been cooked during the event.

Click here to see pictures of this event.

Cheryl Kreger earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degree in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University before acquiring a Doctorate in Administrative and Organizational Studies from Wayne State University in 1993. Prior to becoming superintendent in 2007, Cheryl Kreger served four years as an Associate Superintendent in another Michigan school district; six years as Director of Special Services, nine years as a building administrator; and eighteen years as a teacher.

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