Mahir Zeynalov to speak on Strategic Ally or Liability? Turkey amid massive crackdown


Niagara Foundation is pleased to host Mahir Zeynalov, Turkish journalist, analyst and a press freedom champion to speak on “Strategic Ally or Liability? Turkey amid Massive Crackdown”.

Turkey has been a vital U.S. ally for decades, but escalating crackdown on the opposition calls into question the sustainability of this partnership. Turkish president’s bellicose rhetoric and Ankara’s adventures in Syria and Iraq are poised to upset the regional order. The government’s increasing crackdown on dissidents and minorities also threatens the country’s hard-won democracy. At a time when Erdogan is aggressively seeking to expand his presidential powers, its domestic and foreign impact remains a separate question. With the new administration in Washington, how will the new setting affect Turkey’s relationship with the U.S.?

Lunch will be served.

Please contact Rana regarding questions about this event.

When: Tuesday, November 22 – 11:30am-1:00pm
Where: Niagara Foundation- Chicago
205 N Michigan Ave. St:4240
Chicago, IL 60601

Mahir Zeynalov is a Turkish journalist and analyst based in Washington D.C. Zeynalov first started his professional career with the Los Angeles Times. He later joined Today’s Zaman and worked there until the Turkish government shut down the newspaper in 2016. He is writing columns for Al Arabiya since 2013 and regularly contributing to the Huffington Post. He is a frequent commentator on developments related to Turkey in world’s major TV channels, including CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and NBC. He rose to international prominence for documenting the massive crackdown on Turkish journalists and he is best known for reporting on post-coup purge in Turkey.

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