The Ramadan Experience with Friendship Force Group and South Street Temple in Lincoln

Niagara Foundation – Nebraska organized Ramadan Experience Iftar Dinner at the Sabah Bosnian Mosque on July 20th. The Mosque is located on 1145 Furnas Ave, Lincoln, NE. A group called Friendship Force of Lincoln experienced the Iftar dinner with Muslim community. The significance of Ramadan month has been explained to the guests and they had chance to ask questions about this holy month in Islam prior to dinner.

During this month adult and healthy Muslims fast which lasts the entire month. The daily period of fasting starts at the break of dawn and ends with the setting of the sun. During the daylight hours, Muslims totally abstain from food, drink, and smoking. At the end of the day the fast is broken with a meal called the Iftar.

Guests broke the fast together with Muslims and enjoyed with delicious food cooked by Bosnian ladies. After dinner, everybody gathered in the praying area of the mosque and conversation continued between Muslims and Christians of Lincoln.

We organized our second Ramadan Experience Iftar Dinner in Congregation B’nai Jeshurun (South Street Temple) on July 28th. Iftar dinner is followed by a presentation about Ramadan month. Jewish community in Lincoln had chance to meet with Muslims and shared their fasting experience. There have been fruitful conversations about both in Islam and Judaism and guests learned more about two religion.

Niagara Foundation – Nebraska dedicated to help cultivate moral and cultural values in our society by promoting peace through mutual respect, tolerance, intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

We sincerely hope these gatherings benefit all.

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