Chicago & Global Family: Sally Duros to speak on “Women in Business and Media”


We are pleased to invite Digital Communicator, Journalist and Huffington post blogger, Sally Duros to speak on “Women in Digital Media.”

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Wednesday, September 23rd.
11:30am- 1:00pm
Lunch will be served

Niagara Foundation-Chicago office
205 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 4240
Chicago, IL, US, 60601

An Independent Journalist with an eclectic background in digital media, government, start-up business and nonprofits, Sally Duros is expert at anticipating trends and trailblazing the way for new patterns of thinking.

Her writing for the Huffington Post on the Future of News as a Social Enterprise has been picked up globally. Her ideas have been cited in reports by the Free Press, the Poynter Institute and Chicago’s Community Media Workshop on the New News. She participated in the advisory committee to the Chicago Community Trust (CCT) that led to a number of innovative community news initiatives.

Passionate about reducing noise, increasing credible sources of information and adding value to our professional and community lives through Digital Newsrooms, Duros is intrigued with the idea of establishing an independent online Women’s News Bureau for Chicago.

Duros has reported deeply on women in business, and women and venture capital. She has also worked as a fundraiser for several nonprofits that serve women and girls, while creating websites and running social media as a service. In earlier women’s activism, Duros served on the advisory team and as a columnist for WordWit, Liz Ryan’s 1999 social network for women.

As an innovative thinker on the future of place-based news, Duros writes about emerging models, strategies and tactics for Knight Digital Media Center. A former real estate editor for the Chicago Sun-Times and a current Huffington Post blogger, Duros has been published in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune’s 435 Digital, TIME Magazine, The Wall St. Journal Online, Crain’s Chicago Business, among others.

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