Weekly Links: RAMADAN

The Blue Mosque in Turkey, decorated for the holiday (spelled Ramazan in Turkish)

Our links this week are dedicated to Ramadan! The holiest month of the year for Muslims worldwide. Thanks to intern, Brandon Carter, for help finding them. Learn more about this holiday below:

American Children have to learn how to fast during Ramadan, a process that takes time and dedication.

Turkey has a rich tradition of drummers sounding the beginning of Ramadan. Find out more here

For many Americans Ramadan is a familiar term, but there are still those who aren’t fully aware of its significance. President Barack Obama explains the religious holiday to the nation in this video from a few years back.

Ramadan is an important time of the year for all Muslims, but for Muslims in the African American community the experience is unique.

There has been some crazy fog outside of our windows for most of June. The reason, according to the Chicago Tribune, The Polar Vortex!

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