Tomorrow is World Population Day!

By Alyssa Slager, Communications Intern

Tomorrow, July 11, is World Population Day! In 1987, July 11th was declared the Day of Five Billion in result of the world surpassing the threshold of five billion inhabitants. This inspired the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to establish every July 11th as World Population Day, a day centered on the importance of population trends and resulting issues. Since the 1st Annual World Population Day, the global population has increased by two billion people.

Day of Five Billion (Inspiration for World Population Day)
July 11, 1987 – 5 billion people in the world
1st Annual World Population Day
July 11, 1989 – 5.2 billion people
10 Years After 1st World Population Day
July 11, 1999 – 6 billion people
20 Years After 1st World Population Day
July 11, 2009 – 6.8 billion people
July 11, 2015 – 7.2 billion people

Every year the day is paired with a theme, and for 2015 the slogan is “Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”, focusing on the UNFPA working in emergencies areas to provide women and girls with dignity, safety, and proper access to sexual and reproductive health care.

Each theme is aimed at combating an issue that results in, or has resulted from, the growing population. Spreading awareness and bringing attention to these issues is exactly what the World Population Day desires to do.

Here at the Niagara Foundation we wish you a pleasant World Population Day and encourage you to recognize the significance of this unique and meaningful day!

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