Today is Public Service Day!

By Alyssa Slager, Communications Intern

Twelve years ago today, the United Nations updated the public administration and development resolution, stating that June 23rd would be UN Public Service Day. On this June 23rd, it is important to remember why the UN created a day centered around public service.

Public service is responsible for fulfilling duties essential for daily life, and these responsibilities are carried out by police officers, firefighters and military personnel, to name a few. A simple speeding ticket to prevent a car accident all the way to a young man enrolling in the Navy to protect his country are acts of public service. The citizens who engage in public service possess a drive to do good in their community. This drive is one that shines an extremely positive light on public service work.

UN Public Service Day was created to celebrate the value and recognize the work of public service, as well as promoting the youth to pursue careers in public service. The UN achieves this by having a ceremony in a member country to honor those who have excelled in public service.

This year, Medellin, Colombia boasts the theme “Innovating Public Service Delivery to Implement the Post-2015 Development Agenda” as they host the celebration. During this time, individuals and countries who have exceptionally performed in the realm of public service will be acknowledged and applauded.

From all of us here at Niagara Foundation, we encourage you to think about how public service positively affects your daily life and thank those individuals who have made these instances possible!

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