Niagara Responds: Shots Fired at Orland Park Mosque

Niagara Foundation expresses sympathy for those affected by the shots fired into the dome of the Prayer Center of Orland Park on March 25th, 2014. This event has yet to be investigated thoroughly, but all signs point to it being an act of aggression against this community during the most peaceful time of the morning prayer of Fajr. We hold the members of Orland Park Prayer Center in our thoughts and prayers.

This one act of hostility may have physically fragmented their building, but we have no doubt in our minds that they will rebuild stronger before. The Prayer Center of Orland Park is an active member of our Chicagoland Interfaith Community. We hope this tragic event does not hinder their important work, but rather serves as a reminder of the importance of interfaith and intercultural exchange. May the person who committed this crime come to understand the error of his or her ways and learn to respect all people equally, regardless of religion or culture.


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