Niagara Foundation Remembers 9/11

14 years ago on this day, terrorists launched four coordinated attacks against the United States, killing 2,997 people including 343 firefighters and 72 law enforcement officers. Members of Al-Qaeda used three passenger airliners to destroy the World Trade Center and damage the Pentagon, but the brave efforts of passengers on United Airlines 93 prevented hijackers from crashing the final plane into Washington, D.C.

As an organization dedicated to peace and interfaith dialogue, Niagara Foundation vehemently condemns all terrorist actions, especially those of a extremist nature. Those individuals who commit atrocities in the name of any religion have no place in a modern society. In order to rid our world of hate and violence, we must abandon our prejudices and resolve our differences through understanding and peaceful interaction. Moreover, we pray for justice against those who ruthlessly attack our home without provocation.

Join us in commemorating this day as we remember those who have lost their lives, and all affected by this ruthless act of terrorism. We at Niagara Foundation ask you to remember September 11, 2001 with us, pray for all those victims and public servants still suffering, and through acts of kindness and understanding help foster a better world that is safe for all.

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