Host an Abraham’s Tent Dinner this Summer!

The sizzle and pop of the grill. The clink clink of ice cubes in glasses of lemonade.  The curling of smoke lifting up through the backyard canopy of maple and oak. Yes. Summer is finally here. Sure, the beach is nice, and the ball game is entertaining, but what I enjoy most is cleaning off the grill and inviting friends and family over for a weekend barbeque.

Food and hospitality bring people together. With this simple idea in mind, I invite you to host an Abraham’s Tent event this summer.  

This initiative aims to provide a respectful space for people of differing religious and cultural traditions an opportunity to get to know one another through the cozy intimacy of each others’ homes.

These informal meals seek to build community through interreligious sharing between members of the many faiths in the Chicago area. These meals connect people within their local community and facilitate one-to-one relationship building.

How does your family BBQ? We want to know!  Consider lighting up the grill for lunch or an early evening meal.  We’ll help connect you to other tent participants in your area.  Send us photos of your meal or post them on twitter, Facebook or instagram with the hashtag #Abrahamstent.

If you’d like to host, or if you’re simply interested attending an Abraham’s Tent meal in your neighborhood this summer click here to register and make sure to share your meal via the #AbrahamsTent hashtag.

Bring your story, your questions, and your open heart to the table. It’s pretty amazing how a little food, some fresh air, and a casual conversation can bring our diverse Chicago community just a little closer together.

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