Faith in Englewood: Event Recap

By Ariana Shockley, Center for Interfaith Engagement Intern

On Thursday April 9, 2015, Niagara Foundation had the pleasure of sitting down and spending some time with Tomas Adducci and his coworker, Aarti Tejuja, from the Shambhala Center to discuss their current project, Faith in Englewood, and the Buddhist traditions the Center is based upon.

Shambhala is an affiliation of over 200 meditation centers, predominately in North America and Europe, with centers as far reaching as Australia and New Zealand. The center focuses on teaching the ideals of mindfulness meditation, inclusivity, presence of mind and most importantly, the belief that all humans are connected through a shared brilliance despite one’s faith traditions. Compassion is at the root of all Shambhala teachings.

With this notion and importance placed upon compassion, inclusivity and an enlightened society, Shambhala is partnering with other organizations on an interfaith project called Faith in Englewood. They are calling upon not only the religious leaders in the community, but the individual community members and the greater city of Chicago to bring change and improve the lives of those in Englewood. They are especially focused on impacting the lives of youth through understanding and building personal relationships on an individual level.

We at the Niagara Foundation thank Mr. Adducci and Ms. Tejuja for taking the time to speak with us and inform us on their current project.

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