Food brings people together and with this simple idea in mind, the Niagara Foundation is thrilled to introduce Abraham’s Tent. This initiative aims to provide space for people of differing religious and cultural traditions to get-to-know one another in the cozy intimacy of each others’ homes.

Abraham’s Tent seeks to build community through interreligious sharing between members of the many faiths in the Greater St Louis area. With the kitchen and living room as the place of encounter, Abraham’s Tent meals connect people within their local community and facilitate one-to-one relationship building. Nervous about hosting? We’ll help you prepare!

Bring your story, your questions, and an open heart to the table. It’s amazing how a little food and casual conversation can bring us a little closer together.

For more information and questions contact [email protected]

Abraham, “Friend of Allah” (c.f. Q4:125) and beloved patriarch for Christians, Muslims and Jews alike, is seen as a leading model of moral and ethical conduct. The biblical tradition illustrates the value of “hospitality” in the story of Abraham at Mamre (Gen. 18:1-33) where Abraham selflessly provides food, shelter and comfort to three unknown travelers in his and his wife Sara’s humble tent. Over the centuries, each of the three traditions has developed a unique cultural and theological expression of this value. Now our kitchens and living rooms provide the same space for hosting temporary and mobile gatherings of interreligious and intercultural encounter.

Although the reference to Abraham will speak to Muslims, Jews, and Christians, all faiths are welcome and encouraged to either host or gather under a tent!

Relationships are built upon the little moments that are shared.  Abraham’s Tent can become a space for really getting to know your neighbors.  Theology is a great topic for conversation but so is the story of how your mother shared with you the secret ingredients of her famous sauce.  How does it work?





Niagara’s Abraham’s Tent Host Guidebook