Abraham’s Tent – Indiana

Dear Friends,

Ramadan is just around the corner and we are ready to celebrate the joy of Ramadan with you.

During the pandemic, Niagara Foundation will continue to bring people together at Online Iftar Dinners. We invite you to break bread with a muslim family online and learn more about the Holy month of Ramadan. This program will be between April 14th- May 12th.

Please fill out the form below completely and we will reach out to you to make the arrangements. It will be great if you can give us several dates so we will have the flexibility to find a matching family.  The host family will share a zoom link and invite you to join them about an hour before their dinner time, so both sides will have enough time to introduce and get to know each other. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and make new friends during your online visit.

Here is the link for the form;


 For more information and questions contact cenk@niagarafoundation.org
Peace and Blessings…

Abraham, “Friend of Allah” (c.f. Q4:125) and beloved patriarch for Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike, is seen as a leading model of moral and ethical conduct. The biblical tradition illustrates the value of “hospitality” in the story of Abraham at Mamre (Gen. 18:1-33) where Abraham selflessly provides food, shelter, and comfort to three unknown travelers in his and his wife Sara’s humble tent. Over the centuries, each of the three traditions has developed a unique cultural and theological expression of this value. Now our kitchens and living rooms provide the same space for hosting temporary and mobile gatherings of interreligious and intercultural encounter.

Although the reference to Abraham will speak to Muslims, Jews, and Christians, all faiths are welcome and encouraged to either host or gather under a tent!

Relationships are built upon the little moments that are shared.  Abraham’s Tent can become a space for really getting to know your neighbors.  Theology is a great topic for conversation but so is the story of how your mother shared with you the secret ingredients of her famous sauce.  How does it work?

Niagara’s Abraham’s Tent Host Guidebook